• High pile up to 2x50 or 2x70mm in Super Shaggy execution
  • Also for woven artificial grass
  • V- and W-weave structures in 8 colour frames
  • Perfect pile fixation
  • Different types of pile yarn, counts and texture in the same carpet
  • Also for woven artificial grass
  • Equipped with ACES technology
  • Eco-friendly solutions trough energy bus and smart frames
  • Factory of the future ready
  • Latest Industry 4.0 features
  • TEXconnect enabled
  • Double rapier

  • face-to-face carpets

  • pile height up to 2x50mm or 2x70mm in the Super Shaggy execution.

  • Carpets or artificial grass

  • 3m, 4m and 5m execution


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