Velvet weaving machines

Vandewiele develops and manufactures highly productive, face-to-face velvet weaving machines for both plain and jacquard velvet in pile widths up to 3 meter. It is a fully electronic machine which gives maximum flexibility. Servo drive technology is used, which allows for quick quality changes and easy shed adjustment on the HMI touch screen. Van de Wiele velvet weaving machines are controlled by powerful electronics with boosted performance for faster response and higher operating speed.

Energy is saved through our in-house developed Energy Bus system allowing for energy flow between all electric drives, allowing each component to use and save electrical power. Moreover, the Energy Bus system prevents possible carpet quality defects and machine damage due to power disruption.

  • High quality

  • Future-proof

  • Optimal flexibility

  • No compromise

195725 S 1 MVDW


Plain or geometrically designed velvet

The VSi22 Velvet Smart Innovator is manufactured for weaving plain or geometrically designed velvet for upholstery, curtains, car and bus seat covering, chiffon velvet, long pile and woven fur, technical fabrics,...

  • Weaving plain or geometrically design velvet
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Maximum output
  • Available in 1m75, 2m15 and 3m45 execution
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204909 S 1 MVDW


Flexible velvet weaving

Jacquard velvet weaving machine with separated servo drive for unlimited jacquard capacity. The VSi32 is manufactured for customers weaving Italian velvet or free design velvet, upholstery,...

  • Unlimited jacquard capacity
  • Extra effects can be created
  • Full design freedom
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183951 S 1 MVDW


Technical Fabrics
  • Double rapier
  • TEXconnect enabled
  • Available in 1m75, 2m15 and 3m45 execution
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